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John Grogan (journalist)
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In 2003 John went to a town to observe the second anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks. Which town did he go to?
(a) Shelbyville.
(b) Sloanville.
(c) Stewartsville.
(d) Shanksville.

2. What happened to the movie Marley was in?
(a) It wasn't a big hit, but did well.
(b) It went straight to video.
(c) It was never finished.
(d) It was a big hit.

3. What was the main reason the Grogans decided it was time to leave West Palm Beach?
(a) Marley was getting too big for the yard.
(b) They were going to lose some land to road development.
(c) Their house was too small.
(d) The area was too violent.

4. What did Jenny want Marley to experience when they moved north?
(a) Quiet country roads.
(b) A winter blizzard.
(c) The falling of leaves in autumn.
(d) Other dogs his size.

5. What did the Grogans name their third child?
(a) Cayleigh.
(b) Charlene.
(c) Catherine.
(d) Colleen.

6. Marley's aging prompted John to find a new job. What was it?
(a) A writing job as a newspaper columnist.
(b) The editor of a magazine about pets.
(c) The editor of a major city newspaper.
(d) A college teacher.

7. What had John hoped to find that day on September 11, 2003?
(a) Peace.
(b) A way to work out his grief over 9/11.
(c) The meaning of life.
(d) A story he could write with a fresh angle.

8. As Marley aged, what part of the house gave him real problems?
(a) The family room.
(b) The back door.
(c) The stairs.
(d) The crowded kitchen.

9. What did John create for Marley out by the spruce tree on the edge of their property?
(a) A swimming hole.
(b) A cleared place for him to go bathroom.
(c) A fenced-in run.
(d) A large heated dog house.

10. In chapter 19, what did John say was becoming a serious hobby?
(a) Music.
(b) Writing.
(c) Gardening.
(d) Woodworking.

11. What did the second baby suffer from for four months?
(a) Lack of sleep.
(b) Colic.
(c) Projectile vomiting.
(d) An allergy to his mother's milk.

12. What excuse did John give the people at the beach for Marley's behavior at Dog Beach?
(a) He had drunk too much seawater.
(b) He had been out in the sun too long.
(c) He was having a bad day.
(d) He was not used to crowds and got excited.

13. What had John's mother told the Grogans that they realized was true, once they had two children?
(a) That the financial cost of babies is high.
(b) That children are a huge challenge.
(c) That babies grow up very fast.
(d) That two children is more than twice the work of one.

14. Why did John feel a little embarrassed about moving to Boca Raton?
(a) He had made fun of it in his newspaper articles.
(b) His ex-wife lived there.
(c) He had a lot of unpaid parking tickets from there.
(d) The newspaper there had fired him a few years before.

15. Marley developed another health issue as he got older that stopped him from getting around. What did he develop?
(a) An infected paw that wouldn't heal.
(b) Curvature of the spine.
(c) Arthritis.
(d) Myopia.

Short Answer Questions

1. A week after the September 11 anniversary, what happened to Marley?

2. What did John do two months after first going to Emmaus?

3. What did John tell himself was the reason for Marley's behavior at Dog Beach?

4. When the Grogan family reunited with Marley after their Christmas vacation, how did he behave?

5. J.I. Rodale was the leader in the back-to-the-earth movement in the 1960s. What magazine did he publish?

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