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John Grogan (journalist)
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. On their way back from teaching Marley how to retrieve, who did John compare Marley to?
(a) Speedy Gonzales.
(b) Helen Keller.
(c) Lassie.
(d) Jesse James.

2. What did the Grogans decide to do just weeks after bringing Marley home?
(a) Try to get pregnant.
(b) Get jobs closer to home.
(c) Buy a new house.
(d) Get another dog.

3. What happened when John and Jenny went to the doctor for their first pregnancy check up?
(a) They found out Jenny had had a miscarriage.
(b) They found out they were having a boy.
(c) They found out they were having twins.
(d) They found out Jenny had had a false pregnancy.

4. When it came to dog breeds, why did John and Jenny choose a Labrador retriever?
(a) John wanting a dog to go hunting with.
(b) All their friends had one.
(c) Because of their "curb appeal".
(d) Jenny had had one as a child.

5. What nickname did John give the obedience trainer?
(a) The Dog Driller.
(b) Mrs. Do-it-Right.
(c) Miss Dominatrix.
(d) Miss Domineering.

6. What did John call Marley because he didn't act like a typical retriever?
(a) Lean and mean.
(b) A Labrador evader.
(c) A fabulous Labulous.
(d) A Labrador deceiver.

7. How did Marley react to thunderstorms?
(a) He would whimper constantly.
(b) He would cover his ears with his paws.
(c) He would try to climb into John or Jenny's lap.
(d) He would shake and drool.

8. What was the first thing John and Jenny fought about regarding the puppy?
(a) How to get him housebroken
(b) Who would be his vet.
(c) What to name him.
(d) Where he would sleep.

9. Why wasn't John concerned about the neighborhood they lived in in Chapter 6?
(a) They had Marley to protect them.
(b) He was confident the neighborhood would change soon.
(c) They felt comfortable wherever they lived.
(d) He knew they'd be moving soon.

10. What happened in the house situated kitty-corner from the Grogans in West Palm Beach?
(a) A family was taken hostage.
(b) A woman was murdered.
(c) A girl was knifed.
(d) Someone set fire to it.

11. What was true about Jenny at the end of Chapter 12?
(a) She was having a hard time with motherhood.
(b) She was looking for a new job.
(c) She was pregnant again.
(d) She was fed up with Marley.

12. Why was the dog given the full name of Grogan's Majestic Marley of Churchill?
(a) As a joke.
(b) Their breeder asked them to.
(c) To register him as a purebred Labrador retriever.
(d) John admired Winston Churchill.

13. What does author John Grogan call the place where he got his childhood dog?
(a) A designer breeder.
(b) A mutt ranch.
(c) A mom and pop pet store.
(d) A dog emporium.

14. What was the dance name the Grogans gave to Marley that reflected his wiggling movements?
(a) The rumba.
(b) The waltz.
(c) The shimmy.
(d) The mambo.

15. After Jenny came home from her first doctor's appointment in Chapter 6, how did Marley react?
(a) He put his head in Jenny's lap.
(b) He hid under the bed.
(c) He howled.
(d) He knocked her over and licked her face.

Short Answer Questions

1. What dog show did John dream about entering his new puppy in?

2. What medical diagnostic test would the Grogans be having a few weeks after finding out Jenny was pregnant?

3. What advice does John give the reader about getting a dog?

4. In describing John's first dog, which of the following would not be true?

5. What did the Grogans decide to do at the end of Chapter 9?

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