Marley and Me Short Essay - Answer Key

John Grogan (journalist)
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1. How did John describe the first dog her ever had?

John's first dog was called Shaun and was also referred to as "Saint Shaun" because he was almost perfect. He was a great looking dog, well behaved, and well trained. John measured all other dogs against Shaun.

2. What was the reason the Grogans thought about getting a dog not long after they were married?

They thought they would get a dog because eventually, they wanted to have children. Jenny was not very good with living things; she couldn't keep plants alive. They thought if they had a dog, it would be good practice for having children.

3. How did the Grogans chose Marley?

John and Jenny went to a farm owned by a woman named Lori who had a male Labrador Retriever and a female Lab. The Grogans looked a the litter and met the mother, Lily, a quiet good-natured dog. Jenny was interested in the dog John referred to as "Clearance Dog" as he was cheaper due to his hyperactivity. Jenny wanted to adopt this dog and they agree to return for him when he is weaned.

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