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John Grogan (journalist)
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Six: Matters of the Heart and Chapter Seven: Master and Beast.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was the dance name the Grogans gave to Marley that reflected his wiggling movements?
(a) The rumba.
(b) The mambo.
(c) The shimmy.
(d) The waltz.

2. Marley was named after the late singer Bob Marley. What kind of music did he make?
(a) Jazz.
(b) Classical.
(c) Hip-hop.
(d) Reggae.

3. When it came to dog breeds, why did John and Jenny choose a Labrador retriever?
(a) Jenny had had one as a child.
(b) John wanting a dog to go hunting with.
(c) All their friends had one.
(d) Because of their "curb appeal".

4. What dog show did John dream about entering his new puppy in?
(a) The Wilmington Purebred Dog Show.
(b) The Orlando United Dog Show.
(c) The Cheltenham Group Dog Show.
(d) The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

5. Why did they decide to adopt one of Lori's puppies?
(a) She was the only Labrador retriever breeder in the area.
(b) They didn't want to get a dog from a puppy mill.
(c) Lori's prices were cheap.
(d) They knew several of Lori's dogs and they were all great pets.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did the Grogans decide to do just weeks after bringing Marley home?

2. How did John's father react when Shaun died?

3. When Marley was ready to join John and Jenny at home, John was glad Jenny would be away. Why?

4. On their way back from teaching Marley how to retrieve, who did John compare Marley to?

5. What medical diagnostic test would the Grogans be having a few weeks after finding out Jenny was pregnant?

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