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John Grogan (journalist)
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Six: Matters of the Heart and Chapter Seven: Master and Beast.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why wasn't John concerned about the neighborhood they lived in in Chapter 6?
(a) They felt comfortable wherever they lived.
(b) They had Marley to protect them.
(c) He knew they'd be moving soon.
(d) He was confident the neighborhood would change soon.

2. What were John and Jenny's occupations when they adopted Marley?
(a) They were teachers.
(b) They were healthcare workers.
(c) They were newspaper writers.
(d) They were accountants.

3. What made John and Jenny decide it was time to get their first dog?
(a) They lived in a rough area and wanted a guard dog.
(b) John wasn't working and they thought a dog would keep him company.
(c) They were thinking of having a baby and they thought owning a dog would be good practice.
(d) They wanted a pet and Jenny was allergic to cats.

4. Which of these statements would not describe how Marley was at the age of five months?
(a) He had put on weight and filled out his wrinkly coat.
(b) He wasn't housebroken.
(c) He had lost his baby teeth.
(d) When John was standing, he could rest his paws on his shoulders.

5. Why did they decide to adopt one of Lori's puppies?
(a) They knew several of Lori's dogs and they were all great pets.
(b) Lori's prices were cheap.
(c) They didn't want to get a dog from a puppy mill.
(d) She was the only Labrador retriever breeder in the area.

Short Answer Questions

1. A couple of days after Jenny came home from the doctor's appointment, John bought her some flowers. What did Marley do to them?

2. After Jenny came home from her first doctor's appointment in Chapter 6, how did Marley react?

3. What medical diagnostic test would the Grogans be having a few weeks after finding out Jenny was pregnant?

4. When he first got Marley, John was hoping to make some money off of the dog. How?

5. A few weeks after Marley joined their household, Jenny thought she was pregnant. What did the Grogans do?

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