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John Grogan (journalist)
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Four: Mr. Wiggles and Chapter Five: The Test Strip.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. John nicknamed Marley "Clearance Dog" when they were looking at Lori's litter. Why?
(a) John figured he'd wait it out and get Marley for half-price.
(b) Lori was selling him for less than the normal price.
(c) Marley could clear Lori's fence already.
(d) Marley was clearly the smartest dog in the litter.

2. When John and Jenny left Lori's, they heard a commotion coming from the woods near her house. Who was making it?
(a) Lily, who was rounding up her litter.
(b) Lori, who was chasing deer out of the garden.
(c) Marley's father, who was running through the woods.
(d) Lori's son, who was shooting his hunting rifle.

3. In describing John's first dog, which of the following would not be true?
(a) He could be left alone in the house for hours.
(b) He was gold with a white blaze on his chest.
(c) He was slow to learn.
(d) He would walk with John without a leash.

4. When they went to pick out John's first dog, how did his father advise him to test a dog for nerves?
(a) To yell.
(b) To rattle the cage.
(c) To press down on the car horn.
(d) To jump in front of the dog and yell "boo!"

5. What was the Labrador retriever originally bred for?
(a) Leading the blind.
(b) Helping North Atlantic fishermen.
(c) Rescuing stranded people.
(d) Hunting foxes.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was the first thing John and Jenny fought about regarding the puppy?

2. Why was John and Jenny's house in West Palm Beach the perfect place to have a dog?

3. Why did friends of the couple tell the Grogans their house was already baby-proofed?

4. What was the dance name the Grogans gave to Marley that reflected his wiggling movements?

5. What medical diagnostic test would the Grogans be having a few weeks after finding out Jenny was pregnant?

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