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John Grogan (journalist)
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Sixteen: The Audition and Chapter Seventeen: In the Land of Bochantas.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When he first got Marley, John was hoping to make some money off of the dog. How?
(a) By hiring him out as a rescue dog.
(b) By charging stud fees.
(c) By training him as a guide dog.
(d) By using him in commercials and movies.

2. What was a consideration for the Grogans in finding a new place to live?
(a) John wanted to be nearer his workplace.
(b) They wanted to live in an isolated spot.
(c) They wanted to be near a hospital.
(d) Jenny wanted a pool.

3. What did Marley destroy not long after his second obedience class?
(a) John's newly planted garden.
(b) His metal collar and leash.
(c) The garage.
(d) The couch.

4. Marley got the movie audition because a film crew had just been to film the Grogan family as a typical Florida family. What was the purpose of this film?
(a) It was an assignment for university film students.
(b) They wanted to use that information for a movie they were going to do.
(c) It was going to be used to promote attracting residents to the state.
(d) It was part of an anthropology course.

5. What was true about Jenny at the end of Chapter 12?
(a) She was having a hard time with motherhood.
(b) She was fed up with Marley.
(c) She was pregnant again.
(d) She was looking for a new job.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where did John and Jenny take Marley to teach him retrieving?

2. What did the Grogans' Florida vet suggest they do to deal with Marley's fear of thunderstorms?

3. When it came to dog breeds, why did John and Jenny choose a Labrador retriever?

4. What did John say when he stepped out into the waiting area holding a "tiny swaddled football"?

5. What was the name of the Grogan's vet in Florida?

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