Daily Lessons for Teaching Marley and Me

John Grogan (journalist)
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Lesson 1 (from Preface: The Perfect Dog and Chapter One: And Puppy Makes Three)


Preface: The Perfect Dog

In the Preface of Marley & Me, author John Grogan uses a device known as the "flashback" which helps the writer explain future events as they are recounted in the main narration of the story. This lesson looks at the author's use of flashback in the Preface.


1) Class discussion: How does the author present his childhood dog, Shaun?

(a) What are some examples of Shaun's role as a pet?

(b) What positive words does Grogan use to describe Shaun?

(c) How does he end the chapter and what does his use of flashback tell the reader might be coming?

2) Vocabulary: Grogan uses positive words to describe Shaun, creating an impression in our heads of what the dog was like. Make a list of words or phrases that appear in the Preface that are used to give us a strong positive impression of...

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