Marley and Me Character Descriptions

John Grogan (journalist)
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This individual is lively and loyal, and a teacher of life's lessons on friendship.

John Grogan

This individual is a journalist with a deep attachment to his pet.

Jenny Grogan

This character is a newspaper writer and parent of three, who faces the challenge of depression.

Miss Dominatrix

This character's occupation is to train dogs and does not hesitate to tell owners if their pet can't handle the training.


This character is a seventeen year-old who is knifed one night in the Grogan's Florida neighborhood.

Patrick, Conor, and Colleen Grogan

Three young people who share their household with a lovable canine.

Dr. Jay Butan

This character is a veterinarian who helps the Grogans through several challenging situations with their dog.


This character, an excavator, likes to shoot his gun on his property in Pennsylvania.

J.I. Rodale

This character heads the company that publishes an...

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