Marley and Me Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

John Grogan (journalist)
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Preface: The Perfect Dog and Chapter One: And Puppy Makes Three

• The author talks about the dog he had as a child.

• He and his father picked the dog out a mutt ranch.

• He chose him by ratting the cage to test the dog's nerves.

• He named the dog Shaun.

• Shaun was the "perfect dog" and all other dogs would be measured against him.
• John and Jenny Grogan had been married for about a year.

• They both worked for newspapers.

• Jenny was worried about her ability to care for plants, let alone future children.

• One day, John found Jenny circling ads for puppies.

• John thought about the dogs they had and realized that raising a dog is different than raising children.

• They went to Lori's, who was raising puppies parented by her two adult Labs.

• They liked a hyperactive dog who'd been reduced in price.

• They realized as...

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