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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Twain's opinion of himself?
(a) Outstanding.
(b) He finds himself amusing.
(c) Not complimentary.
(d) He is very conceited.

2. What boat did Twain see while he was on assignment while working in Sacramento?
(a) The Hornet.
(b) The Honeybee.
(c) The Wasp.
(d) The Yellow Jacket.

3. On what river did Twain desperately want to travel?
(a) The Thames.
(b) The Mississippi.
(c) The Ganges.
(d) The Amazon.

4. What does Twain think about people?
(a) They are all greedy.
(b) They are all different.
(c) They are all generally good.
(d) They are mostly the same.

5. What does Twain say his intimates rarely see in him?
(a) His spirituality.
(b) His kindness.
(c) His insecurity.
(d) His genius.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Twain hope to do after returning from his trip around the world?

2. What does Twain do with his daily dose of pain killer?

3. Where was Twain born?

4. What character is Twain supposed to be in his sister's play?

5. How much was Twain paid for his weekly letters while sailing around the world?

Short Essay Questions

1. What superstition did people have about rotting hair, and what did Twain think about it?

2. Who published "Huckleberry Finn," and how successful was it?

3. What is Twain's opinion of Jim Gillis?

4. What did Twain do with the money he found on the street?

5. What did Twain hear a man say at a banquet, and how did he feel about it?

6. When did Twain start using his pseudonym?

7. Why was Twain not as popular as he hoped to be when he came back from his sailing journey?

8. What does Twain notice while studying human nature?

9. How did Twain's feelings about practical jokes change over his lifetime?

10. What did Twain do during the measles epidemic?

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