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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How much was Twain paid for his weekly letters while sailing around the world?
(a) $20 per word.
(b) $20 per letter.
(c) $20 per sentence.
(d) $20 per paragraph.

2. What does Twain do with his daily dose of pain killer?
(a) Takes it obediently.
(b) Gives it to his brother.
(c) Pours it out the window.
(d) Feeds it to the cat.

3. What did phrenologists tell people about?
(a) Their future.
(b) Their personality.
(c) Their health.
(d) Their past.

4. Where was Twain born?
(a) Tennessee.
(b) Missouri.
(c) Mississippi.
(d) Florida.

5. Who did Twain trick into seeing a minstrel show?
(a) His sister.
(b) His wife.
(c) His mother.
(d) His preacher.

6. What did Twain's father die of?
(a) Pneumonia.
(b) Pneumonic plague.
(c) Palsy.
(d) Pleurisy.

7. Where was Twain sent on assignment while working in Sacramento?
(a) Los Angeles.
(b) Honolulu.
(c) St. Louis.
(d) New York.

8. Which of Twain's famous characters was inspired by Tom Blankenship?
(a) The Pauper.
(b) Tom Sawyer.
(c) Injun Joe.
(d) Huckleberry Finn.

9. What happens to Twain on his first day of school?
(a) He is teased.
(b) He is put ahead a few classes.
(c) He is whipped.
(d) He is sent home.

10. When did Twain say his publishers could release his ideas on God and religion?
(a) 1956.
(b) 1886.
(c) 1996.
(d) 2006.

11. What is the name of the first publisher to turn Twain's first book down?
(a) Carrion.
(b) Carson.
(c) Carlton.
(d) Carmen.

12. What did Twain do to trick a phrenologist?
(a) Gave a fake name.
(b) Lied about his age.
(c) Changed the color of his hair.
(d) Paid extra money.

13. What was Harte's occupation?
(a) Writer.
(b) Legislator.
(c) Miner.
(d) Editor.

14. What did Orion buy when he moved back to Hannibal?
(a) A hotel.
(b) A newspaper.
(c) A grocery store.
(d) A saloon.

15. Why did Twain resign from the Civil War?
(a) His mother fell ill.
(b) Fatigue from retreating.
(c) He wanted to join the Union.
(d) A shoulder wound.

Short Answer Questions

1. When does Twain want his book to be published?

2. How does Twain describe his older brother?

3. Where did Twain's older brother work?

4. How old was Twain when he had his first crush on a girl?

5. What book did Webb publish for Twain?

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