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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 28.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following is NOT a game in which Twain escaped a trap set for him?
(a) Bowling.
(b) Cards.
(c) Darts.
(d) Billiards.

2. How does Twain describe his older brother?
(a) The most confused and innocent man.
(b) The most revered and deranged man.
(c) The most miserable and hopeful man.
(d) The most happy and alarmed man.

3. What does Twain think about people?
(a) They are mostly the same.
(b) They are all different.
(c) They are all greedy.
(d) They are all generally good.

4. What did phrenologists tell people about?
(a) Their past.
(b) Their future.
(c) Their personality.
(d) Their health.

5. How many days had the people survived on the boat that Twain saw while on assignment?
(a) 33.
(b) 43.
(c) 23.
(d) 13.

Short Answer Questions

1. What kinds of animals are not allowed by Twain's mother?

2. Which of Twain's famous characters was inspired by Tom Blankenship?

3. Why does Twain think the family of the person who died in 1907 never saw how brilliant he was?

4. Where was Twain born?

5. Who died in 1907?

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