The Autobiography of Mark Twain Character Descriptions

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Elisha Bliss - This character worked for the American Publishing Company and swindled money from the author.

Clara Clemens - This character is known as being extremely honest and is thus recruited to take care of her mother when she falls ill, so that she can lie to her about the severity of her illness.

Henry Clemens - Because this character rarely does anything naughty, his older brother usually gets blamed when he actually does something bad.

Jean Clemens - This character is energetic and enjoys being outdoors. She catches pneumonia at one point, although she eventually gets better.

John Marshall Clemens - This character invests a small fortune in 100,000 acres of Tennessee land, which he thinks will be worth a lot of money to his family some day.

Langdon Clemens - This character dies as a baby after complications stemming from a cold.

Mrs. Clemens...

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