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Introduction | Preface

• Neider explains the process that this manuscript went through to get published and what Twain was hoping to accomplish.

• Twain wanted to write about the ordinary things in life that make it dear and interesting.

• Neider closes this introduction by reminding the reader that not everything Twain says is fact. Twain admits to fabricating certain parts.

• Twain says he wants his autobiography to be published after his death so he can speak from the grave.

• He wants to speak as freely, he says, as a person does when writing a love letter, knowing they will have privacy.

Chapters 1-2 | Chapters 3-4

• Twain was born and raised in Missouri. He loved his Uncle John and would spend part of every year at his farm.

• Twain never used his uncle in a book, but his heavenly farm appeared many times.

• Twain talks about slavery and the fact that...

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