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Short Answer Questions

1. What effect did the delayed harvest of plants in Hawaii have on the product they produced?

2. Which one of the following was not included in the reasons why Twain thought a Hawaiian sugar monopoly was possible?

3. What extra food did the captain make for Twain during his trip to Hawaii in chapter 18?

4. Based on the information Twain provided in chapter 19, which Roman town left their remains buried in hardened lava?

5. How did Twain react to Kailua?

Short Essay Questions

1. Which parts of the princess's ceremony were not appreciated by Twain?

2. How was Captain Cook murdered?

3. Why was the attempt by Twain and Mr. Brown to get food in chapter 20 humorous?

4. Which advantages did Hawaii have in producing sugar?

5. How was Captain Cook's monument described by Twain in chapter 20?

6. What did the crew of the Hornet do for food and water while sailing on the Pacific after their ship had burned?

7. Who did Twain interview about the tragic circumstances of the Hornet, how long was the crew lost at sea, and how many survivors were there?

8. What was it about Hawaii's sugar production that impressed Twain in chapter 23?

9. What was Mr. Brown trying to steal in chapter 20?

10. What was Twain's visit of Waiohinu like in chapter 24?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Analyze Hawaii's sugar production using all of Twain's information, estimations, and calculations. In addition, provide a description of the local sugar refinery that Twain visited, the reasons behind Twain's predictions, and a comparison of Hawaiian sugar production and American sugar production.

Essay Topic 2

Mark Twain used his unique writing style to present his trip to Hawaii for the Sacramento Daily Union.

1) Explain what Twain's two main objectives were in writing his Letters from Hawaii.

2) Analyze how Twain used his writing style to achieve both of the above objectives, including at least three examples from the book.

Essay Topic 3

Mr. Brown was Twain's traveling companion during his trip to Hawaii and gave him a chance to express more than one view about topics in his letters.

1) Describe Mr. Brown's personality and the main differences between his characteristics and Twain's characteristics.

2) Explain three examples of how Mr. Brown and Twain disagreed about a particular topic.

3) Analyze whether or not you think that Mr. Brown was a fictional character and how he allowed Twain to distance himself from the text in certain cases.

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