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Short Answer Questions

1. Where was Twain during a lapse in his correspondence, as he explained in chapter 12?

2. How does Twain describe the way Hawaiians sung versions of American tunes?

3. How did Twain respond to Mr. Brown's criticism of his omission of Hawaii's negative aspects?

4. How did Twain compare the government prison he visited to its American counterparts?

5. What was the risk of a person bringing their own liquor from America to Hawaii?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why did Twain think that the Hawaiian legislature was disorderly in chapter 13?

2. How was the Hawaiian legislature comprised?

3. How did Twain's theory about an ancient burial ground differ from its legend in chapter 7?

4. Which things did Twain recommend in order for San Francisco to take full advantage of the profits from whaling?

5. What benefits did Twain think steam ships had?

6. What proof did Twain use in chapter 14 to prove Mr. Staley wrong?

7. Which animals were aboard the Ajax, and how was one of them named?

8. How did Twain board the Ajax in chapter 1, and what caused passengers to become sick?

9. What was the point of Twain's story about Mrs. Jollopson in chapter 9?

10. What did Twain write about the officers and workers on the Ajax in chapter 3?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Analyze the Saturday market, the natives that Twain encountered there, and its history, including the way it was before the laws were instituted, why and how the laws were designed, and what had changed in the areas since they were introduced.

Essay Topic 2

The murder of Captain Cook was a part of Hawaiian history at Kealakekua Bay.

1) Explain the events that led to the murder of Captain Cook.

2) Describe how the natives discovered Cook's charade and the way he was murdered.

3) Analyze the monument for Cook and Twain's opinion that his murder was justified.

Essay Topic 3

Princess Victoria's death caused an uproar within the Hawaiian political system while Twain was visiting the island.

1) Explain the details about Princess Victoria's life and its importance based on the information that Twain provided in his letter.

2) Describe how the island reacted to Princess Victoria's death and why.

3) Analyze the two options for the throne that Twain wrote about.

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