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Short Answer Questions

1. What phrase does Twain use to describe the Saturday market in chapter 8?

2. Which type of columns once supported the veranda of Brennan's palace?

3. How did Twain characterize his horse in chapter 8?

4. What did Twain say the king of Hawaii stopped doing in order to embrace the responsibility of leadership?

5. Which of the armed services did the officers aboard the steamer serve in during the war?

Short Essay Questions

1. What did Twain write about the officers and workers on the Ajax in chapter 3?

2. What did Twain write about the horse trading that took place in Hawaii in chapter 6?

3. What was Twain's opinion of the Hotel American in chapter 5?

4. What were some of the differences that Twain listed between Honolulu and San Fransisco in chapter 10?

5. What proof did Twain use in chapter 14 to prove Mr. Staley wrong?

6. How was the Hawaiian legislature comprised?

7. Who was Mr. Brown, and what was his objection to Twain's depiction of Hawaii in chapter 4?

8. How was the Saturday market in the past, and what changed it to become more civilized and developed?

9. How did Twain write about Princess Victoria's life in chapter 14?

10. What did Twain notice about Honolulu in chapter 4?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Analyze the Saturday market, the natives that Twain encountered there, and its history, including the way it was before the laws were instituted, why and how the laws were designed, and what had changed in the areas since they were introduced.

Essay Topic 2

Princess Victoria's death caused an uproar within the Hawaiian political system while Twain was visiting the island.

1) Explain the details about Princess Victoria's life and its importance based on the information that Twain provided in his letter.

2) Describe how the island reacted to Princess Victoria's death and why.

3) Analyze the two options for the throne that Twain wrote about.

Essay Topic 3

Throughout the letters, Twain offered his opinions about Hawaii on many different levels.

1) Describe what Twain thought of the Hotel American that he stayed at and why.

2) Explain which fruits positively surprised Twain in Hawaii and why, as well as the fruits that he did not enjoy as much.

3) Describe the scenery for three places that Twain observed on the islands.

4) Analyze Twain's opinions about the Hawaiian cigars and liquor, and his advice to Americans for both.

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