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Short Answer Questions

1. What subject did Twain choose to write about instead of Pacific whaling traffic in chapter 9?

2. According to Twain's observation, what was Minister Harris's platform built on?

3. Urging America to develop more steamers in chapter 3, how long did Twain say it would be before China released a smaller steamer?

4. Why was Twain disgusted by the idea of sharing a meal with anyone in Hawaii?

5. Which months of 1866 were Twain's Letters from Hawaii written in?

Short Essay Questions

1. How long was Twain on the island of Hawaii when he wrote the letter in chapter 3, and why did he not give his opinion of the island yet?

2. Which things did Twain recommend in order for San Francisco to take full advantage of the profits from whaling?

3. How was the Hawaiian legislature comprised?

4. What did Twain notice about Honolulu in chapter 4?

5. What was Twain's objection to the naming of the Pacific Ocean in chapter 2?

6. How were Twain and the Ajax welcomed to Hawaii in chapter 4?

7. What was the point of Twain's story about Mrs. Jollopson in chapter 9?

8. Which elements of the Saturday market did Twain describe in chapter 8?

9. Who was Mr. Brown, and what was his objection to Twain's depiction of Hawaii in chapter 4?

10. What were some of the differences that Twain listed between Honolulu and San Fransisco in chapter 10?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Pacific whaling was a serious issue that Twain wrote about in his letters from Hawaii.

1) Describe the benefits of Pacific whaling that Twain included in his letters.

2) Explain why Twain thought that San Francisco should actively pursue whaling on a larger scale.

3) Describe the steps that needed to be taken in Twain's opinion for whaling to be the most effective.

4) Analyze the humorous story that Twain wrote about in order to delay his discussion of Pacific whaling.

Essay Topic 2

Mark Twain used his unique writing style to present his trip to Hawaii for the Sacramento Daily Union.

1) Explain what Twain's two main objectives were in writing his Letters from Hawaii.

2) Analyze how Twain used his writing style to achieve both of the above objectives, including at least three examples from the book.

Essay Topic 3

Describe in detail the basis for Twain's dislike of Minister Harris, his description of Harris's actions, and his criticism of ministers in general.

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