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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As Twain explained in chapter 8, why did white people remain indoors before the laws were formed in the Saturday market?
(a) They were unfamiliar with the customs of the market.
(b) They were afraid of being robbed.
(c) They did not know the language of the natives.
(d) They were afraid of being trampled.

2. Which explorer gave the Pacific Ocean its name?
(a) Vespucci.
(b) Columbus.
(c) Balboa.
(d) Pizarro.

3. In chapter 5, what categories did Twain put the people on the island into?
(a) Ship captains, missionaries, whalers, or part of the government.
(b) Only ship captains or whalers.
(c) Only ship captains, whalers, or part of the government.
(d) Only whalers or missionaries.

4. What did Twain write about the Hawaiian horse traders in chapter 6?
(a) They sold good horses and were reasonable.
(b) They were dishonest, but sold good horses.
(c) They sold poor horses, but were reasonable.
(d) They were dishonest and sold poor horses.

5. What was sung each night for Princess Victoria after she passed away?
(a) A new hymn.
(b) A new song.
(c) A new chant.
(d) A new poem.

6. What type of clothing did the women wear at the Saturday market in chapter 8?
(a) Long.
(b) Bright.
(c) Dull.
(d) Short.

7. Which of the armed services did the officers aboard the steamer serve in during the war?
(a) Marines.
(b) Air Force.
(c) Navy.
(d) Army.

8. What caused an attractive young woman to think that Twain was drunk in chapter 7?
(a) His speech.
(b) His horse riding.
(c) His walk.
(d) His jokes.

9. Which animal was Honolulu overrun with in all different shapes and sizes?
(a) Birds.
(b) Cats.
(c) Mice.
(d) Dogs.

10. Who did Twain think deserved more respect from the people of San Francisco in chapter 10?
(a) Whaling sailors.
(b) Whaling investors.
(c) Whaling captains.
(d) Whaling first mates.

11. Why was Twain disgusted by the idea of sharing a meal with anyone in Hawaii?
(a) The meal portions were very small.
(b) He had a large appetite.
(c) He preferred to eat alone.
(d) The natives did not look very clean.

12. How did Twain consider the king's income to be for the lifestyle he indulged in?
(a) More than adequate.
(b) Slightly less than adequate.
(c) Much less than adequate.
(d) Adequate.

13. What subject did Twain choose to write about instead of Pacific whaling traffic in chapter 9?
(a) The implications of hula dancing.
(b) The slang and vernacular of island whalers.
(c) The high crime rate in Hawaii.
(d) The natives' lack of education.

14. What confession by Twain begins the letter in chapter 3?
(a) He did not understand what the people on the island were talking about.
(b) He did not know his way around the island.
(c) He had not seen enough of Hawaii to speak of it with confidence.
(d) He had seen enough of Hawaii and is ready to leave.

15. What type of Americans did Twain notice coming and going from Hawaii while writing his letter in chapter 14?
(a) High and low profile.
(b) High profile.
(c) Neither high nor low profile.
(d) Low profile.

Short Answer Questions

1. How long was Twain's trip to the island of Hawaii that he references in chapter 14?

2. What caused Twain to marvel at Hawaii's state in chapter 6?

3. Where was Twain during a lapse in his correspondence, as he explained in chapter 12?

4. What publication did Twain write his Letters from Hawaii for?

5. Urging America to develop more steamers in chapter 3, how long did Twain say it would be before China released a smaller steamer?

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