Objects & Places from Mark Twain's Letters from Hawaii

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The Ajax

This is the steamer that Twain rides from the California city he lived and worked in to Hawaii.


This is Hawaiian for "path of the gods."

San Francisco

This is the California city where Mark Twain lived and worked.

Harp Engine

This is included on the steamer that Mark Twain took to Hawaii, situated horizontally below the waterline to protect it from cannon-fire.

Ancient Heathen Temple

This is where, long ago, Hawaiians supposedly participated in human sacrifice.

Ancient Battleground

This is a large expanse of sand thought to be the site of an ancient burial ground.

The City of Refuge

This was once a Hawaiian city that provided asylum to anyone, regardless of past misdeeds.

Human Bones

This is what Mark Twain, along with other American tourists, removed from the site of an alleged ancient burial ground.


This is a type of edible paste...

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