Mark Twain's Letters from Hawaii Character Descriptions

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Mark Twain

This is the author of the letters, a traveling journalist working for the Sacramento Daily Union newspaper, who writes with the intent of publication and therefore sought to entertain as well as inform.

Mr. Brown

This is likely a fictional character who serves as the author's folksy and rough literary foil, who is impulsive and reactionary, and allows the author to put some rhetorical distance between him and the text.

Captain Godfrey

This is the captain of the Ajax, the steamer that brings the author to the Hawaiian Isles.

King Kamehameha

This is the political leader of the Hawaiian Isles.

Captain James Cook

This is the English sailor who discovered the Hawaiian isles and was, for a time, mistaken for a returned god.


This is a Hawaiian god who left Hawaii on a three-cornered raft, promising one day to return.

Victoria Kamamalu Kaahumanu

This is...

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