Mark Twain's Letters from Hawaii Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapters 1-3

• At the beginning of his journey, Mark Twain boarded the Ajax and questioned the reasoning behind the naming of the Pacific Ocean.
• In Chapter 2, Twain listed the benefits of using steamers for trading and populating Hawaii.
• The officers earned Twain's admiration and the coal shoveling prompted his warning aboard the Ajax in chapter 3.

Chapters 4-6

• The Ajax landed on Hawaii and was welcomed by people and church bells as Twain became accustomed to Honolulu's culture.
• Twain found the Hotel American to be unexpectedly comfortable, but he did not enjoy the Hawaiian cigars or liquor.
• In chapter 6, Twain labeled the horse traders as dishonest and the horses as poor while he adjusted to riding.

Chapters 7-9

• An ancient burial ground's origin was disputed by Twain, who gave his version of the legend in chapter 7.
• Twain visited the Saturday market in chapter 8 and detailed his impression of the...

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