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West End

This is the area of New York where Marjorie's family lives.

El Dorado

This is a fashionable apartment building.

Hunter College

This is where Marjorie studied to become a teacher.

Lamms Department Store

This is owned by the father of Sandy Goldstone.


This is a Jewish ceremony to introduce boys to adulthood.


This is an acting group.

Camp Tamarack

This is where Marjorie works as the creative drama director.

South Wind

This is an adult resort.


This is held on the eve of Passover.

Princess Jones

This is a musical written by Noel Airman.


This is the ship on which Noel travels to France.


This is where Noel intends to study philosophy.

Equity Card

This is received after an actor gains a speaking role in a play.

Queen Mary

This is the ship on which Marjorie travels to France.

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