Marjorie Morningstar Character Descriptions

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Marjorie Morgenstern

This character is the protagonist of the story and dreams of becoming an actress.

Noel Airman

This character writes a show called "Princess Jones."

Mike Eden

This character rescues Jewish families from Nazi Germany.

Marsha Zelenko

This character marries an attorney who is many years older.

Wally Wronken

This character meets the protagonist while working as a stagehand at South Wind.

Samson-Aaron Feder

This character dies from a heart attack.

Rose Morgenstern

This character is preoccupied with finding the protagonist a suitable husband.

Arnold Morgenstern

This character runs a successful import business in New York City.

Sam Rothmore

This character runs the New York office of Paramount Pictures.

Guy Flamm

This character is a sleazy theatrical promoter and occasional director.

Seth Morgenstern

This character becomes a World War II pilot.

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