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Part 1: Marjorie; Chapters 1-3: Marjorie, Prince Charming, George

• Marjorie Morgenstern is a seventeen year old Jewish girl who lives in an apartment overlooking Central Park.

• Marjorie attends college to become a teacher.

• At a party at Columbia University Marjorie decides to become an actress.

• Marjorie is infatuated with Sandy Goldstone, her party date's friend.

• Marjorie falls from a horse and Sandy helps her home.

• Marjorie has been dating George for two years. He proposes and Marjorie refuses.

Part 2: Marsha; Chapters 4-11: Marsha, Sandy's Ambition, Marsha Zelenko, An Eveing at the Zelenkos', The Uncle, The Bar-Mitzva, Mr. Klabber, Noel Airman

• Marjorie attends acting classes at NYU and Columbia.

• Marjorie's mother arranges for the family to go to the Prado resort knowing that Sandy and his family will be there.

• Marjorie gains status among her classmates when word gets out that she is dating Sandy.

• Marjorie lands the leading role...

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