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E. M. Standing
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 4, Part 4 : Chapter 2, Liberty in Education & the Montessori Directress.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Montessori, why is oppression of children strange?
(a) They are the only ones oppressed.
(b) They do not know they are oppressed.
(c) Those who love the children, oppress them.
(d) Despite efforts to change, this oppression still occurs.

2. According to the beginning of "Liberty in Education & the Montessori Directress," how did the Montessori school define good education?
(a) Freedom in a Prepared Environment.
(b) Choice in Learning.
(c) Oppression Free Learning.
(d) Child Led Learning.

3. Why are children initially unaware of cause and effect?
(a) Cause and effect only matter for older children.
(b) They are not smart enough to understand it yet.
(c) They think they are invincible.
(d) They have no previous experience.

4. What is the only organization designed to represent and promote the principles of the Montessori method?
(a) The National Organized Teaching Association.
(b) Teachers for Montessori.
(c) Teachers for America.
(d) Association Montessori Internationale.

5. In terms of biology, what is meant by freedom?
(a) An organisim sustains with little help from others.
(b) An organisim is alone in its environment.
(c) An organisim must exist without the help of others.
(d) An organisim has choice.

Short Answer Questions

1. What type of interaction occurs in the Montessori classroom?

2. What is considered a good class size in a Montessori classroom?

3. What occurs when children learn a task at the right period of their learning, or sensitive time?

4. What did Montessori feel would happen if one provides direct help for a child's mental growth needs during 0-6 year old?

5. In "Size, Movement, Instinct, Reason," what does the author state psychologists of this time placed an emphasis in?

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