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E. M. Standing
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book 3, Part Three : Chapter 1, Size, Movement, Instinct, Reason.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is an natural and important factor to children's learning according to Standing in "Work, Sensorial, Normalcy"?
(a) External thinking.
(b) Internal thinking.
(c) Repetition.
(d) Receiving answers from adults.

2. In "Size, Movement, Instinct, Reason," what does the author state psychologists of this time placed an emphasis in?
(a) Positive behaviors.
(b) Inherited behaviors.
(c) Learning theories.
(d) Deviations.

3. What does the chapter "Work, Sensorial, Normalcy," state are the pressures adults have in terms of work?
(a) Be 100% correct.
(b) Move faster.
(c) Accomplish all tasks.
(d) Move slower.

4. According to Montessori, when does the second epoch of development begin?
(a) Around 6 years old.
(b) Around 18 years old.
(c) Afreouns 21 years old.
(d) Around 12 years old.

5. Because of persecution from some groups, what happened to Montessori's teaching materials and books?
(a) They stopped all printing and publication of her materials.
(b) They were publically burned.
(c) They were banned.
(d) There were stolen from the schools.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to Montessori, what is the primary tool for learning in infants and very young children?

2. What did Montessori suggest the human grows principally during the fires year of life?

3. According to Montessori, what is necessary for children who have had disordering experiences?

4. In terms of time, what is first created in the child's mind in order to comprehend time?

5. According to Montessori, which of the following is not a cause for a deviation?

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