Margret Howth: A Story of To-Day Character Descriptions

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Miss Herne - She is the daughter of the man who co-owns the weaving mill. She is engaged to a man who plans to marry her to get her father's money.

Stephen Holmes - He is young, good-looking, on his way up in the world, and talented. He is a self-made entrepreneur and although he is capable of acts of kindness, he is cynical about love.

Margret Howth - She is a plain woman, unlike the conventionally beautiful heroines of most nineteenth century fiction. The author describes her as having no reflected lights about her; no gloss on her skin, no glitter in her eyes, no varnish on her soul.

Mrs. Howth - She is a long-suffering woman, devoted to her husband. She works long and hard simply to help the family survive. She never lets her husband see her fears about their possible starvation, but...

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