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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many years after the Revolution do the events of the play-within-the-play take place?
(a) 1.
(b) 4.
(c) 9.
(d) 13.

2. From what country is the man who is brutally murdered by Sade's tailor?
(a) Germany.
(b) Switzerland.
(c) Belguim.
(d) Austro-Hungary.

3. According to Sade at the end of Scene 11, from what does the guillotine deliver its victims?
(a) Uncertainty.
(b) Boredom.
(c) Humiliation.
(d) Penury.

4. In Scene 7, what does Corday contend is spurting from Marat's hiding place?
(a) Fear.
(b) Blood.
(c) Poison.
(d) Hope.

5. Who sings to the riled patients at the end of Scene 6?
(a) Coulmier's family.
(b) The sisters.
(c) Sade.
(d) Corday.

Short Answer Questions

1. As Marat and Sade argue in Scene 15, what does Sade conclude no longer interests him?

2. For what affliction is Marat always submerged in a bath?

3. What part of Marat's body does Corday she wants to see sweat as she draws her knife?

4. Which philosopher does Corday cite in her song in Scene 7?

5. What item does Corday want to buy after arriving into town in Scene 10?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Scene 8, how does Marat explain that the expectations of the Revolution proved faulty?

2. In what way does Coulmier claim the bathouse is a particularly appropriate setting for Sade's play?

3. What is Corday's primary fear regarding the revolution?

4. In Scene 28, how do the Singers tell Marat he could avoid his death?

5. What paradox regarding Marat's calls to the Nation does Sade point out in Scene 28?

6. Describe the setting of the play.

7. How doe Marat and Sade differ in their attitudes toward violent action?

8. What recommendation does Duperret make to Corday in Scene 17?

9. How does the unrest begin in the Epilogue?

10. How does the Herald set the scene at the end of Scene 4?

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