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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Scene 7, what does Corday contend is spurting from Marat's hiding place?
(a) Hope.
(b) Poison.
(c) Blood.
(d) Fear.

2. As Marat and Sade argue in Scene 15, what does Sade conclude no longer interests him?
(a) The Revolution.
(b) The individual.
(c) Freedom.
(d) Society.

3. How does Sade characterize the process by which Revolutionaries dole out death sentences?
(a) Orgiastic.
(b) Haphazard.
(c) Soporific.
(d) Mathematical.

4. In Marat's Liturgy, which of the following is not a group that he accuses of lying to the poor?
(a) Poets.
(b) Priests.
(c) Bankers.
(d) Kings.

5. Which of the following characters is not one of the Singers?
(a) Kokol.
(b) Roux.
(c) Polpoch.
(d) Rossignol.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Coulmier's official position?

2. Which woman in the cast serves as Marat's nurse?

3. Which of the following groups is not one lambasted by the singers of Scene 5?

4. To what building does Corday compare Paris in Scene 10?

5. Marat never moves from a certain location. What is that location?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Sade say in Scene 24 to appease Coulmier?

2. What is the nature of Marat's life in 1793?

3. What is the topic of Corday's song in Scene 7?

4. What proclamation about nationalism does Sade make in Scene 18?

5. What are Marat's grievances in his imaginary session with the imaginary National Assembly of Scene 27?

6. How does the Herald calm Coulmier in Scene 11?

7. Why does Coulmier stop the play in Scene 6?

8. How does the Herald set the scene at the end of Scene 4?

9. Describe the world that Corday and Duperret describe in Scene 22.

10. What point about social status does the Herald make when he introduces the Singers?

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