Marat / Sade Character Descriptions

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Charlotte Corday - This character comes to Paris to murder someone.

Coulmier - This character threatens to stop the play several times.

Duperret - This character is constantly molesting his acting partner.

Simonne Evrard - This character twice prevents her master's murder.

Four Singers - These characters regularly explain the setting during the play.

Herald - This character introduces the other characters at the beginning of the play.

Jean-Paul Marat - This character is confined to a bathtub for the whole of the play.

Nurses - These characters are armed with batons.

Patients - These characters regularly demand revolution in chorus during the play.

Jacques Roux - This character demands the churches be turned into schools.

Sade - This character has written the play with the play.

Marquis de Sade - See Sade

Sisters - These characters attend Corday throughout the play.

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