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Marlene Reed Wetzel
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Short Answer Questions

1. What sound does Mantini listen to from his bedroom after the evacuation?

2. Which of the following characters was NOT abandoned by their loved one in the story?

3. Which of the following communication devices goes dead in Carla's apartment at the outbreak of the war?

4. Which of the following is NOT a step Carla would have to take if she wanted to marry Mantini?

5. What beverage does Carla serve Mantini the first time he visits her in her home?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The theme of love is one that pervades the novel as a whole. First, explain what Carla views as love in her life. Then, compare / contrast the two loves of her life - Ben and Mantini. Based on this comparison, explain which man is better suited for Carla, and explain why.

Essay Topic 2

When Carla arrives in Tripoli, one of the first things she notices is how much her husband, Ben, has changed. First, explain why Carla and Ben have been apart for so long. Then, explain how Carla remembers her husband and compare / contrast that image to the man who comes to pick Carla up from the airport.

Essay Topic 3

As the novel opens, it becomes clear, quite quickly, that the story is set in a foreign land. First, briefly describe the landscape of Libya using images Wetzel constructed within the text. Then, explain how Wetzel used language to transport the readers to Libya. Finally, explain whether or not you found Wetzel's transportive language effective, and why.

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