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Marlene Reed Wetzel
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Short Answer Questions

1. What beverage is the only type Mantini can purchase after the evacuation?

2. What has happened to most of the shops in town after the evacuation?

3. To what city are Carla and Ben evacuated when they leave Tripoli?

4. Which of the following characters is NOT one that Carla believes is complicating her relationship with Mantini?

5. What does Ben admit is the one part about Carla he never liked?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

As the novel opens, it becomes clear, quite quickly, that the story is set in a foreign land. First, briefly describe the landscape of Libya using images Wetzel constructed within the text. Then, explain how Wetzel used language to transport the readers to Libya. Finally, explain whether or not you found Wetzel's transportive language effective, and why.

Essay Topic 2

The evacuation is, arguably, the most important scene in the novel.

Part 1.) Explain why the evacuation was necessary. What political events led up to this moment?

Part 2.) Explain the effect the evacuation had on Mantini's relationship with Carla. How did they deal with their separation?

Part 3.) Describe the way Ben prepped Carla for an evacuation. What tools was Carla given by Ben to help her survive the war?

Essay Topic 3

Lucia is a powerful force in Mantini's life throughout the novel. First, explain how Lucia died and what effect that death had on Mantini. Then, explain how Lucia's presence continued to stay with Mantini and how that presence affected his daily life, and his life with Carla.

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