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Marlene Reed Wetzel
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Short Answer Questions

1. What meal do Carla and Mantini enjoy together on their first public outing?

2. When Carla and Ben are arguing about their relationship, after the evacuation, where does Carla stare?

3. When Mantini describes the blood involved in Lucia's death, what fruit does he compare the color to?

4. Where do Carla and Mantini enjoy their picnic meal during their first public outing?

5. After being evacuated from Tripoli, how does Carla feel about divorcing Ben?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The most important element of Ben's life seems to be his career.

Part 1.) Briefly explain the responsibilities of Ben's job, and create a list of countries Ben's job has taken him.

Part 2.) Explain the role Ben expects Carla to play in his career, and what his reaction is when Carla does not want to fulfill these tasks.

Part 3.) Briefly explain the way that Ben's career has negatively affected his marriage to Carla. If Ben had a different job, do you think his marriage to Carla would survive? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 2

When Carla arrives in Tripoli, one of the first things she notices is how much her husband, Ben, has changed. First, explain why Carla and Ben have been apart for so long. Then, explain how Carla remembers her husband and compare / contrast that image to the man who comes to pick Carla up from the airport.

Essay Topic 3

The evacuation is, arguably, the most important scene in the novel.

Part 1.) Explain why the evacuation was necessary. What political events led up to this moment?

Part 2.) Explain the effect the evacuation had on Mantini's relationship with Carla. How did they deal with their separation?

Part 3.) Describe the way Ben prepped Carla for an evacuation. What tools was Carla given by Ben to help her survive the war?

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