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Marlene Reed Wetzel
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What language does Mantini speak?
(a) Cantonese.
(b) French.
(c) Persian.
(d) Italian.

2. What type of car does Carla drive?
(a) A Volkswagen.
(b) A Mercedes.
(c) An Audi.
(d) A BMW.

3. What type of shop does Mantini own?
(a) A candle shop.
(b) A crystal shop.
(c) A candy shop.
(d) A crepe shop.

4. Why does Carla abandon her car in the street on her way to Mantini's shop?
(a) Because the radiator overheated.
(b) Because of a flat tire.
(c) Because she ran out of gas.
(d) Because of the traffic.

5. Which of the following male characters believes that men have "husbandly rights," and that women "belong" to their husbands?
(a) Dan.
(b) Mantini.
(c) Mohammad.
(d) Ben.

6. What does Carla order from Mantini's shop?
(a) Goblets.
(b) Flowers.
(c) Silk curtains.
(d) Take-away food.

7. What does the watcher ask for in exchange for watching Ben's car?
(a) Prayers.
(b) Food.
(c) Water.
(d) Money.

8. Who does Carla blame for the damage that has been done to her car?
(a) Neighborhood hooligans.
(b) Ben.
(c) Herself.
(d) The watcher.

9. Which of the following scented items does Mantini scrub into Carla's skin?
(a) Tea bags.
(b) Oil.
(c) Wax.
(d) Crime.

10. Which of the following phrases does Wetzel use to describe the sun as Carla sees it through the restaurant window?
(a) The Afrcian Sun.
(b) The Indian Sun.
(c) The Mediterranean Sun.
(d) The Arctic Sun.

11. Which of the following statements is NOT one that Carla makes when discussing her marriage with Mantini?
(a) That Ben probably had affairs before Carla arrived in Tripoli.
(b) That Ben is "a player".
(c) That Ben is often physically aggressive with Carla.
(d) That Ben only pretended to love Carla before marrying her.

12. What part of Mantini's shop is vandalized while he and Carla are upstairs?
(a) The balcony.
(b) The wall.
(c) The doors.
(d) The window.

13. Which of the following male characters admits to looking at Carla and experiencing unexpected romantic feelings?
(a) Ben.
(b) Dan.
(c) Mohammad.
(d) Mantini.

14. What does the word "ebrio" mean?
(a) Thief.
(b) Monster.
(c) Jew.
(d) Animal.

15. Which of the following is Ben most willing to invest his money into?
(a) His home.
(b) His marriage.
(c) His car.
(d) Himself.

Short Answer Questions

1. Whose presense does Mantini sense in his bedroom?

2. When Mantini returns home from work, what does he notice in the corner, covered in lace and ruffles?

3. What part of her body is Carla self-conscious of when Mantini first greets her in his shop?

4. On the night Lucia was with Dan, what was tied into her hair?

5. How are Carla and Mantini alerted to the vandalism taking place in Mantini's store?

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