A Map of Tripoli, 1967 Short Essay - Answer Key

Marlene Reed Wetzel
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1. How does Mantini typically spend his morning when he is opening his shop?

In the mornings, as Mantini is opening his crystal shop, he typically sends his shop boy, Mohammad, to get him coffee. As he sips his morning coffee, Mantini debates whether or not he should think about his dead wife, Lucia, that day.

2. What happens to Carla during her first attempt to visit Mantini's crystal shop?

Carla had recently gotten directions to the crystal shop from Mohammad, the shop boy who also worked on her home. He promised that the shop would have everything she needed for her new house. Carla attempted to follow Mohammad's directions, but grew frustrated with the traffic. She abandoned her car in the road and began walking on foot.

3. How did Carla and Mohammad meet?

When Carla moved into her home, she found that there was still much work to do. Mohammad arrived on a bicycle one morning, while Carla was scrubbing a stain out of her floor. Mohammad offered to do her ironing, and the two struck up an arrangement that Mohammad would work with Carla one day a week while Ben was gone.

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