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Yankee Stadium

This is the setting for the action of the novel's Prologue, a mass wedding ceremony for thousands of couples led by the Rev. Sun Myung Moon.

New York City

This is the setting for much of the novel's action, its high intensity and aura of success (as embodied, albeit sometimes regretted, in the lives of Brita and Charlie) contrasting vividly with the shabby, abandoned lives of the people who live below the radar of that success (as embodied by those encountered by Karen during her disappearance).

Bill Gray's Estate

This living space has, in some ways, the atmosphere of a tomb, or mausoleum - the work and life Bill has been trying so desperately to keep alive.

Bill Gray's Published Novels

Bill's fame and reputation are based entirely on the success of these two things, the content of which is never revealed but which is portrayed...

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