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Brian L. Weiss
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In a dream Catherine tells Dr. Weiss about, she is struggling with what animals?
(a) rats
(b) snakes
(c) spiders
(d) a pack of wolves

2. What concern does Dr. Weiss have concerning the ending of the sessions?
(a) There are more lives which she has not visited
(b) He has not finished writing his book
(c) Catherine might become ill again
(d) How will he hear from the Masters

3. When chapter 12 begins, Catherine has been in therapy for how long?
(a) 3 1/2 months
(b) 6 weeks
(c) 9 months
(d) 3 1/2 years

4. In this chapter Catherine tells Dr. Weiss about a recent event she experienced, what is it?
(a) a trip to a museum
(b) a book she read
(c) a carnival ride
(d) a dream

5. According to Catherine what Dr. Weiss learns is what?
(a) of no practical use
(b) more important than what she learns
(c) easily forgotten
(d) not very important

Short Answer Questions

1. Catherine says that she is sharing the event she had prior to meeting Dr. Weiss so that the doctor can do what?

2. In this chapter, Dr. Weiss alleges that both he and Catherine have developed what kind of powers?

3. Catherine goes into hypnosis and finds she is in what country?

4. Dr. Weiss explains that he is now less reluctant to do what?

5. They describe Nature as what?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who is Iris Saltzman?

2. What information from the Masters does Catherine share is this chapter?

3. How do vices play a role in our past and present lives?

4. Describe the event that causes Catherine to return to Dr. Weiss's office after 5 months.

5. What truths do the Masters share in this chapter?

6. Describe Von Mark.

7. Describe the dream Catherine has about her father.

8. Who is Noble?

9. How do the Masters describe energy?

10. Describe two interesting concepts of past lives that Catherine shares in this chapter.

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