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Brian L. Weiss
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Catherine shares that we progress to higher planes by doing what?
(a) paying debts or overcoming vices
(b) dying
(c) gaining more education
(d) being born

2. At the beginning of this chapter, Dr. Weiss has had to delay sessions because he has been sick and Catherine has been doing what?
(a) vacationing
(b) having surgery
(c) visiting her mother
(d) writing a book

3. Catherine talks about a house fire and how she needs to get a stamp and coin collection out of the house for what person?
(a) her father
(b) her boyfriend
(c) her son
(d) her husband

4. According to Dr. Weiss, he and Catherine are doing what?
(a) learning together
(b) getting to know each other better
(c) growing farther apart
(d) getting better at entering past lives

5. The description of the event is interrupted by what?
(a) Catherine comes out of the trance
(b) Catherine falls asleep
(c) Catherine is apparently listening to something
(d) Catherine goes into a death experience

6. This course and understanding more about Catherine's regressions helped Dr. Weiss's mother-in-law to do what?
(a) gain strength during the dying process
(b) experience her past lives
(c) get better results from her medical treatment
(d) understand Dr. Weiss better

7. His notes from the lecture parallel what?
(a) ancient Jewish writings
(b) the teachings from the Masters
(c) things Dr. Weiss learned while studying for his doctorate
(d) his own intuition

8. Dr. Weiss shares that his mother-in-law is going through what experience?
(a) she has recently gone blind
(b) she is in the middle of a divorce
(c) she is dying of cancer
(d) she is having major surgery

9. According to Catherine, she knows the name of how many planes?
(a) 4
(b) 1
(c) 2
(d) 7

10. Catherine explains that she has been able to hear while under the effects of what?
(a) hypnosis
(b) her past lives
(c) anesthesia
(d) the Masters

11. Catherine tells Dr. Weiss that something is possible but not allowed, what is it?
(a) remaining always in a physical state
(b) going back to live past lives
(c) remaining always in the spiritual state
(d) seeing into the future

12. A second plane is called the plane of what?
(a) Masters
(b) transition
(c) tranquility
(d) meditation

13. After a 5 month delay, Catherine contacts Dr. Weiss, for what purpose?
(a) to say she is moving away
(b) to schedule another session
(c) to express her thanks to Dr. Weiss
(d) to discuss a past life

14. In this dream where is Catherine?
(a) in a desert
(b) high on a mountain
(c) in a pit
(d) in a jungle

15. At the end of chapter 13, Catherine returns to a past life she has already visited. In that past life her name is what?
(a) Aronda
(b) Elizabeth
(c) Von Mark
(d) Christian

Short Answer Questions

1. The Masters compare the human soul to what?

2. Dr. Weiss believes that the psychic's information is what?

3. Dr. Weiss compares the experience of hearing the wisdom of Catherine's higher state as what?

4. When Dr. Weiss asks about her religion in this past life, Catherine responds that there are what?

5. Through these experiences with Catherine and his mother-in-law, Dr. Weiss realizes that he can be more effective doing what?

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