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Brian L. Weiss
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Dr. Weiss calls hypnosis what?
(a) a useless endeavor
(b) a slow process
(c) a powerful tool
(d) harmful to Catherine

2. Catherine shares that this spirit is there to see that she is alright. This causes Dr. Weiss to consider the concept of what?
(a) seeing into the future
(b) ghosts
(c) guardian angels
(d) past lives

3. How does Catherine die in this past life?
(a) she is trampled by a horse
(b) she is killed in a plane crash
(c) she is struck with a spear
(d) she is shot by a cannon

4. Catherine shares that in the spirit world there are how many planes?
(a) 7
(b) 21
(c) 3
(d) 6

5. In this chapter, Dr. Weiss alleges that both he and Catherine have developed what kind of powers?
(a) time travel
(b) hypnotic
(c) eternal
(d) psychic

6. What does Catherine tell Dr. Weiss she has learned about from this past life?
(a) misdirected hate
(b) misguided love
(c) the need for better farming methods
(d) importance of family

7. Catherine sees a spirit she recognizes, who is this?
(a) Dr. Weiss
(b) Stuart
(c) Von Mark
(d) Edward

8. In this past life, her father is executed for what?
(a) stealing bread
(b) killing someone
(c) something he did not do
(d) a horrible rape

9. The psychic puts someone into a trance, who is it?
(a) Catherine
(b) herself
(c) Dr. Weiss
(d) Dr. Weiss's wife

10. Dr. Weiss shares that his mother-in-law is going through what experience?
(a) she is dying of cancer
(b) she is having major surgery
(c) she has recently gone blind
(d) she is in the middle of a divorce

11. Two months after the previous session what does Catherine do?
(a) schedules another appointment
(b) tells Dr. Weiss this was all a hoax
(c) marries her boyfriend
(d) commits suicide

12. As chapter 13 begins, Dr. Weiss describes Catherine as "healthy" and what?
(a) beyond normal
(b) pleasant
(c) somewhat anxious
(d) wise

13. A second plane is called the plane of what?
(a) tranquility
(b) meditation
(c) Masters
(d) transition

14. According to Catherine what Dr. Weiss learns is what?
(a) more important than what she learns
(b) of no practical use
(c) easily forgotten
(d) not very important

15. Catherine tells Dr. Weiss that something is possible but not allowed, what is it?
(a) going back to live past lives
(b) remaining always in a physical state
(c) remaining always in the spiritual state
(d) seeing into the future

Short Answer Questions

1. Catherine goes into hypnosis and finds she is in what country?

2. According to Catherine, she knows the name of how many planes?

3. Dr. Weiss compares the experience of hearing the wisdom of Catherine's higher state as what?

4. A Master begins to speak about a spiritual plane and explains that in this plane, spirits are allowed to do what?

5. What event does Catherine describe having prior to meeting Dr. Weiss?

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