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Brian L. Weiss
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. During this course they realize that the ancient Jews taught about what?
(a) Reincarnation
(b) the need for Patience
(c) the birth of Christ
(d) balance in Nature

2. The psychic uncovers what?
(a) other past lives for Catherine
(b) nothing more than Dr. Weiss had uncovered
(c) lives lived on another planet
(d) that Catherine will soon die

3. What ability is an important evolution for every spirit in every plane?
(a) ability to go into past lives
(b) ability to love
(c) psychic ability
(d) ability to be hypnotized

4. The Masters tell Dr. Weiss that humans will eventually do what?
(a) destroy nature
(b) learn to live a peace with nature
(c) destroy themselves
(d) go to other planets

5. The Masters compare the human soul to what?
(a) the vastness of the universe
(b) the quiet core of a mountain
(c) the constant movement of the tides
(d) the beauty of a rose

6. When does Catherine say she will remember all her lives?
(a) she never will remember
(b) when it is important for her to remember
(c) when she becomes a Master
(d) when she enters the spiritual state

7. One way in which Catherine says we can experience a renewal of energy is by doing what?
(a) sleeping
(b) loving others
(c) being born
(d) having patience

8. How does Catherine die in this past life?
(a) she is killed in a plane crash
(b) she is shot by a cannon
(c) she is trampled by a horse
(d) she is struck with a spear

9. Catherine proclaims to Dr. Weiss that she wants to end the sessions, for what reason?
(a) she is moving
(b) she is upset with his tactics
(c) she is better
(d) she no longer believes in past lives

10. In this past life, her father is executed for what?
(a) killing someone
(b) a horrible rape
(c) something he did not do
(d) stealing bread

11. Catherine says that she is sharing the event she had prior to meeting Dr. Weiss so that the doctor can do what?
(a) better understand the Masters
(b) understand her past lives
(c) understand her dream
(d) undo the harm

12. Catherine explains that she has been able to hear while under the effects of what?
(a) her past lives
(b) hypnosis
(c) anesthesia
(d) the Masters

13. Catherine tells Dr. Weiss that something is possible but not allowed, what is it?
(a) remaining always in a physical state
(b) seeing into the future
(c) remaining always in the spiritual state
(d) going back to live past lives

14. In her next past life, Catherine is 13 and is the servant to whom?
(a) a lady with a necklace
(b) a king
(c) a man who is abusive
(d) a priest

15. What concern does Dr. Weiss have concerning the ending of the sessions?
(a) Catherine might become ill again
(b) There are more lives which she has not visited
(c) How will he hear from the Masters
(d) He has not finished writing his book

Short Answer Questions

1. His notes from the lecture parallel what?

2. Dr. Weiss calls hypnosis what?

3. In her next past life, Catherine is a 35-yearold man who does what?

4. Catherine visits a psychic who according to Catherine does what?

5. The description of the event is interrupted by what?

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