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Brian L. Weiss
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Sixteen.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In this chapter what other person is allowed to witness the session?
(a) Dr. Weiss's wife
(b) Dr. Weiss's father
(c) Catherine's boyfriend
(d) Catherine's father

2. In this chapter Catherine tells Dr. Weiss about a recent event she experienced, what is it?
(a) a book she read
(b) a trip to a museum
(c) a dream
(d) a carnival ride

3. One way in which Catherine says we can experience a renewal of energy is by doing what?
(a) having patience
(b) sleeping
(c) loving others
(d) being born

4. To experience an in between state, Catherine must first do what?
(a) Tell Dr. Weiss something about his past
(b) Hear a particular phase
(c) Go through a past life
(d) Tell a life story

5. During this session Catherine is being mistreated by someone, who is it?
(a) her father
(b) a person from a past life
(c) her boyfriend - Stuart
(d) Dr. Weiss

Short Answer Questions

1. At this point in the book Dr. Weiss wonders how much longer the sessions will continue because of what factor?

2. Dr. Weiss relates that he now has recurring dreams about what?

3. Where does Catherine tell Dr. Weiss she is going?

4. Catherine also says that during this past life she is a member of what profession?

5. When Catherine says, "'I am aware of a bright light. It's wonderful; you get energy from this light,'" what event is she talking about?

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