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Brian L. Weiss
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Seven.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Catherine tell Dr. Weiss she is going?
(a) to Egypt
(b) to see her father
(c) to the 1500's
(d) to another body

2. The author taps into Catherine's past lives through what method?
(a) investigative interviews
(b) channeling
(c) reading and interpreting her diary
(d) hypnosis

3. Dr. Weiss shares that his academic training is from what renowned university ?
(a) Harvard
(b) Yale
(c) Notre Dame
(d) Princeton

4. When Dr. Weiss asks the Masters how he can better help Catherine, what is he told?
(a) that there is nothing he can do
(b) that Catherine does not need to be helped
(c) that these messages are primarily for him
(d) that he needs to stop the sessions

5. Catherine's father has a history of what disease?
(a) alcoholism
(b) hypertension
(c) heart disease
(d) cancer

Short Answer Questions

1. In this book the author discovers what kind of therapy while treating his young patient?

2. In another past life, Catherine describes how she knew Dr. Weiss who was her teacher, in that life how does Catherine die?

3. In another past life Catherine relates knowledge of a substance used to ward off evil, what was that substance?

4. While researching reincarnation Dr. Weiss discovers that references to reincarnation were removed from the New Testament by what person in 325 AD?

5. Who has told Catherine so much about Dr. Weiss's family?

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