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Brian L. Weiss
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Seven.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The author taps into Catherine's past lives through what method?
(a) investigative interviews
(b) hypnosis
(c) channeling
(d) reading and interpreting her diary

2. When she relates an experience with her father Catherine describes a distinct smell, what is it?
(a) sweet cologne
(b) alcohol
(c) dirty clothes
(d) sweat

3. Dr. Weiss is relieved when the Masters share what fact?
(a) that Dr. Weiss's father is okay
(b) that his death is a long way off
(c) that Catherine is getting better
(d) that Dr. Weiss's son is okay

4. Although she is in much pain as she dies, what does she describe as she dies?
(a) the face of Dr. Weiss's son
(b) the Masters
(c) a long dark tunnel
(d) beauty, light and brightness

5. Vices not resolved or corrected are what?
(a) given to some other soul
(b) carried on to the next life
(c) reasons for not moving to another life
(d) reasons for death

Short Answer Questions

1. In another past life Catherine relates knowledge of a substance used to ward off evil, what was that substance?

2. In this past life Catherine tells Dr. Weiss that he is what?

3. Who has told Catherine so much about Dr. Weiss's family?

4. What color is the light that Catherine repeated describes when she goes through the death experience?

5. What disease does Dr. Weiss believe Catherine has in this past life?

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