Objects & Places from Many Lives, Many Masters

Brian L. Weiss
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Egyptian artifacts

Catherine corrects a museum guide while visiting an exhibit but cannot explain why she's so positive of her knowledge. A past life regression points to her working with the objects.


Catherine lived a life as a prostitute named Louisa, in this country.


As Von Mark, she was a fighter pilot forced to follow Hitler's orders for this country.

The Physical State of Being

This is a term for life as a human being on earth.

Spiritual State of Being

This is the term used to describe when the soul is out of the physical after death.

Spiritual Planes

There are said to be seven of these, only three are illustrated: Transition, Recollection, Awareness. Catherine is cured before the Masters divulge the other four to Weiss.


There are said to be many of these within each spiritual plane. They are not described.

The In-between Lives State

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