Many Lives, Many Masters Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Brian L. Weiss
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Essay Topic 1

This book is very much the story of Dr. Weiss's change of heart and mind concerning reincarnation. List and explain the reasons he says he had difficulty in accepting the idea of reincarnation. Then identify the events, along with their significance, that led to his acceptance of reincarnation.

Essay Topic 2

Throughout the book, the concept of death and how it leads to new life is repeated again and again. Explain how Catherine describes the death experience and how it is consistent or inconsistent with the various death experiences she relates.

Essay Topic 3

The Masters share many truths with Dr. Weiss. Pick at least 6 spiritual truths they teach Dr. Weiss and explain what they have to say about each.

Essay Topic 4

The idea that it is beneficial for humans to be exposed to variations or differences in many areas is presented several times in the book. Do...

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