Many Lives, Many Masters Character Descriptions

Brian L. Weiss
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This character, whose last name is never given, is a fictitious name for the patient Weiss actually treats. She is a young woman who suffers from many fears and anxieties for which perhaps most people often let go untreated. The quantity and quality of her anxieties are enormous enough to warrant therapy. In spite of numerous phobias, the character is not considered psychotic. She does not suffer from delusions, schizophrenia, or split personality. She is not a very intellectual or philosophical person by nature. Her progression from anxiety ridden insecurity to self-assurance is traced through the book. Her fears literally strip away as past life traumas are revealed.

Under hypnosis, when she is connected to her "super consciousness," she speaks with consistent wisdom. In that state, Weiss describes her as having enough insight to be a therapist herself. In the course of the hypnotic regression therapy, she...

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