Many Lives, Many Masters Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Brian L. Weiss
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Chapter One

• Dr. Weiss is a noted psychiatrist who teaches but also has a private practice.

• Catherine is an attractive young women who comes to the doctor on referral from a co worker.

• The book begins with Catherine waiting outside of Dr. Weiss's office.
• Dr. Weiss begins to explore the childhood of Catherine using standard therapy.

• He uncovers some important events from her childhood, but does not seem to discover the root of some of the problems with which she is dealing.

Chapter Two

• Catherine describes an event at a museum where she displays an unusual amount of knowledge of Egyptian artifacts.

• This is something that she has no way of knowing from her life experiences.
• Dr. Weiss decides to use hypnosis as a tool to get to the root of Catherine's problems.

• Initially Catherine regresses to tell about some important events in her childhood.

• Further regression leads...

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