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Paulo Coelho
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. A Warrior never fights with anyone who does not deserve what?
(a) The honor of combat.
(b) The blood from his veins.
(c) The trust of his sword.
(d) The blade of his sword.

2. What is the important lesson to be learned in illness?
(a) The blessing of good health.
(b) That life is short.
(c) That poor health is a penance.
(d) That good health should never be wasted.

3. Why is a Warrior constantly trying to improve himself?
(a) He must always be kept at a distance from his enemies.
(b) Each blow has to have the strength and skill of all the Warriors before him.
(c) He must always come out the victor in battle.
(d) If he allows himself to grow careless, he might lose his life.

4. What does a Warrior know when he has fallen into an abyss, and he is unsure of whether he will get out?
(a) Challenges are never simple, and will often test all strength.
(b) When one has fallen, one must get up.
(c) He will not drown by falling, but by keeping his head below the surface.
(d) The abyss is just another challenge sent by the angels to conquer fear.

5. How can regrets kill?
(a) They are the main cause of loneliness.
(b) They make someone feel bad.
(c) They eat away the soul of a person.
(d) They eat away at the confidence of a person.

6. In what regard doesn't a Warrior behave like a child?
(a) Has fun and plays.
(b) Talks nonsense,
(c) He makes fun of others.
(d) Ask childish questions.

7. What does a Warrior not do when faced with a pause in the struggle?
(a) Makes sure his heart is satisfied.
(b) Makes sure faith still burns in his soul.
(c) Makes sure his sword is sharp.
(d) Takes stock in a situation and makes sure he is just.

8. What does a Warrior do when faced with anxiety?
(a) Goes to his family and seeks their solace.
(b) Goes to his tent and meditates.
(c) Goes to his neighbor and seeks reassurance.
(d) All of these.

9. Why does a Warrior not talk about his defeats?
(a) He is not a goat and therefore doesn't bleat.
(b) He cannot waste energy on words that can do nothing.
(c) He doesn't want to appear a coward, instead being a pinnacle of heroism.
(d) He is often afraid of being known as weak.

10. What choice does the Warrior make when he has lost enthusiasm?
(a) To pray and meditate; ask the advice of his angels.
(b) To continue to fight the Good Fight.
(c) To go home and speak with his family and children to relocate what he is fighting for.
(d) To dispatch with battle and retire.

11. Why doesn't a Warrior give up when he is uninspired on his path?
(a) He knows that many people depend on him.
(b) He knows that he will get what he wants if he maintains a positive outlook.
(c) He knows his angel of inspiration has stepped away for a moment.
(d) He knows that no one can be enthused all the time.

12. Why, when a Warrior is defeated, he immediately goes back to battle?
(a) To exercise his tactical mind to find a solution to the battle.
(b) When a Warrior is defeated, the enemy celebrates.
(c) If he waits, he loses his advantage.
(d) If he waits, he is more likely to be intimidated, fearful and weak.

13. What do people wear to disguise a heart of fire?
(a) A mask of ice.
(b) A mask of disdain.
(c) A cloak of security.
(d) A mask of frigidity.

14. What is a capital sin to a Warrior?
(a) Wrath.
(b) Sloth.
(c) Lust.
(d) Gluttony.

15. What does a Warrior do in the silence?
(a) All of these.
(b) He talks to people and gets an idea of their battle strategy.
(c) He trains himself in the use of the sword and keeps his eye on the horizon.
(d) He puts down his armor and weapons and relaxes.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is a Warrior proud of people saying he talks nonsense?

2. For what purpose does a Warrior invite Evil into his tent?

3. Warriors are of the Light if they what?

4. Why is a Warrior calm and secure?

5. Why is a Warrior unconcerned about envy?

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