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Paulo Coelho
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the source of the Warriors strength?
(a) Those who have loved him in the past.
(b) Those who have offended him in the past.
(c) Those who have defeated him in the past.
(d) Those who have hurt him in the past.

2. Why is a Warrior constantly trying to improve himself?
(a) If he allows himself to grow careless, he might lose his life.
(b) Each blow has to have the strength and skill of all the Warriors before him.
(c) He must always come out the victor in battle.
(d) He must always be kept at a distance from his enemies.

3. What is the important lesson to be learned in illness?
(a) That life is short.
(b) The blessing of good health.
(c) That poor health is a penance.
(d) That good health should never be wasted.

4. Why is a Warrior unconcerned about envy?
(a) Everyone should be envious of someone.
(b) Envy is a useful motivational tool.
(c) Everyone should learn to deal with it.
(d) Envy is the driving force behind achievement.

5. What is the affect of over anxiety?
(a) It makes a Warrior always aware.
(b) It makes a Warrior ever prepared.
(c) It banishes every trace of joy from life.
(d) It stops problems from arising.

6. Why does a Warrior not threaten people?
(a) Running ones mouth is not a part of combat training.
(b) All of these.
(c) He is faced with public ridicule when he backs down.
(d) His sword was not meant to be used by the mouth.

7. How is a Warrior of the Light adaptable?
(a) He uses different techniques in different situations.
(b) He can make a spear out of eggshells.
(c) He utilizes everything at his command.
(d) He is always prepared.

8. What is the best gift a victory can bring?
(a) Renewed vigor.
(b) Confidence.
(c) Hope.
(d) Faith.

9. What is a Warrior surprised to hear when he listens to his conscience?
(a) That both sides say the same thing.
(b) That both will help him if given the chance.
(c) That he will never succeed.
(d) That he is always in the wrong.

10. "A Warrior is as wise as a(n) _____ and as innocent as a ______."
(a) Elephant, child.
(b) Serpent, dove.
(c) Dolphin, kitten.
(d) Owl, fawn.

11. What does a Warrior know when he has fallen into an abyss, and he is unsure of whether he will get out?
(a) The abyss is just another challenge sent by the angels to conquer fear.
(b) He will not drown by falling, but by keeping his head below the surface.
(c) Challenges are never simple, and will often test all strength.
(d) When one has fallen, one must get up.

12. What does a Warrior do when he is faced with a monotonous task?
(a) Utilizes the time to go over something that bothers him.
(b) Tells his comrades to do it.
(c) Transforms work into prayer.
(d) Transforms work into meditation.

13. A Warrior doesn't go into battle without knowing what?
(a) Whether or not it is his path.
(b) The limitations of his allies.
(c) All of these.
(d) The reason for fighting.

14. To whom does a Warrior offer his conquests?
(a) His friends.
(b) His country.
(c) His king.
(d) God.

15. What does a Warrior do in the silence?
(a) He puts down his armor and weapons and relaxes.
(b) He talks to people and gets an idea of their battle strategy.
(c) All of these.
(d) He trains himself in the use of the sword and keeps his eye on the horizon.

Short Answer Questions

1. A Warrior of the Light does not accept what from his enemy?

2. Why does a Warrior seek out love?

3. What word is full of traps?

4. Why does a Warrior share his knowledge of the path with others?

5. What of these is not one of the five rules of combat?

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