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Paulo Coelho
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is a Warrior proud of people saying he talks nonsense?
(a) While he is innocent, he is vulnerable, and every Warrior must be at some point, vulnerable.
(b) Both of these.
(c) None of these.
(d) In his childish innocence, he remains in contact with God.

2. What does a Warrior do when he is faced with a monotonous task?
(a) Transforms work into prayer.
(b) Transforms work into meditation.
(c) Utilizes the time to go over something that bothers him.
(d) Tells his comrades to do it.

3. Why does a Warrior trust others?
(a) All of these.
(b) God speaks from many forms.
(c) First, he trusts himself.
(d) Angels speak through the mouths of others.

4. Why does a Warrior defend his ideas in public?
(a) After you have done so, you make an effort to live accordingly.
(b) So he can pass off the image of a just, and righteous person.
(c) Fighting for what is just and righteous always leads to women and wine.
(d) So he may gain the conviction and trust of his friends and allies.

5. When does a Warrior know that he is in a crisis?
(a) When he is separated from things he has always loved.
(b) When he is lonely and there is no one beside him.
(c) When he loses every battle he enters.
(d) When he loses the ones he loves.

6. What is the best gift a victory can bring?
(a) Confidence.
(b) Hope.
(c) Renewed vigor.
(d) Faith.

7. A Warrior doesn't go into battle without knowing what?
(a) Whether or not it is his path.
(b) The reason for fighting.
(c) The limitations of his allies.
(d) All of these.

8. What does it mean to a Warrior when things go silent?
(a) Danger is near.
(b) All of these.
(c) He should be wary.
(d) This is the time to be alert.

9. What is a Warrior surprised to hear when he listens to his conscience?
(a) That he is always in the wrong.
(b) That he will never succeed.
(c) That both sides say the same thing.
(d) That both will help him if given the chance.

10. What is the important lesson to be learned in illness?
(a) That life is short.
(b) That poor health is a penance.
(c) The blessing of good health.
(d) That good health should never be wasted.

11. What two things does a Warrior possess?
(a) Wisdom and Faith.
(b) Strength and wisdom.
(c) Force and forgiveness,
(d) Truth and Faith.

12. "A Warrior is as wise as a(n) _____ and as innocent as a ______."
(a) Owl, fawn.
(b) Dolphin, kitten.
(c) Elephant, child.
(d) Serpent, dove.

13. What does a Warrior look at when examining an action?
(a) The intention.
(b) The people involved.
(c) The outcome.
(d) The consequences.

14. In what regard doesn't a Warrior behave like a child?
(a) Talks nonsense,
(b) He makes fun of others.
(c) Ask childish questions.
(d) Has fun and plays.

15. What words give a Warrior renewed strength?
(a) " I lost this battle, so this must not be my path."
(b) " I fought and lost, but can succeed if I try again."
(c) " Since at first I did not succeed, my dream is not worth pursuing."
(d) " I fought for something and did not succeed. I lost the first battle."

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is a Warrior calm and secure?

2. Why doesn't the Warrior ever listen to what the devil has to say?

3. What do people wear to disguise a heart of fire?

4. What does a Warrior do in the silence?

5. What of these is not one of the five rules of combat?

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