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Paulo Coelho
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Pages 36-51.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Once he has started, a Warrior of the Light _________.
(a) Is often fearful.
(b) Never fails.
(c) Never falters.
(d) Perseveres to the end.

2. Accumulating love brings what?
(a) Luck.
(b) Envy.
(c) Jealousy.
(d) Distrust.

3. When does a Warrior withdraw from the battlefield?
(a) When an enemy outsmarts him.
(b) When an enemy overpowers him.
(c) When an enemy proves too violent.
(d) When an enemy underestimates him.

4. What does a warrior never resort to?
(a) Trickery.
(b) Tranquilizers.
(c) Timidity.
(d) Fear.

5. A warrior does not spend his days playing the _________.
(a) Role that others have chosen for him.
(b) Feeble minded fool.
(c) Role of the almighty: he is subservient.
(d) Exorcist.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the first thing a warrior asks himself before embarking on a battle?

2. What is the best way to convince an enemy not to attack?

3. Although the Warrior carefully studies the position he intends to conquer, _________.

4. Who never makes the same mistake twice?

5. What does an opponent make a Warrior fight for?

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