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Paulo Coelho
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Pages 52-72.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is a Warrior scared of making important decisions?
(a) He knows that people might be either harmed or benefit from his behavior.
(b) Both of these.
(c) He doesn't want to cause pointless suffering nor abandon his path.
(d) Neither of these.

2. What animal relies on its accuracy to spear a fish?
(a) The crane.
(b) The heron.
(c) The seagull.
(d) The flamingo.

3. Why doesn't a Warrior of the Light trust exclusively in his intelligence?
(a) In doing so, he would underestimate his opponent.
(b) In doing so, he would never give anyone else any credit.
(c) In doing so, he would never listen to the wisdom of others.
(d) In doing so, he wouldn't underestimate his opponent.

4. A warrior only risks his heart for ________.
(a) A dream.
(b) Something worthwhile.
(c) Someone who is deserving.
(d) Someone he trusts.

5. Why are there no abstractions to the Warrior?
(a) Everything is a message from God and therefore should be obeyed.
(b) Everything is an omen of the things to come.
(c) Everything is concrete and everything is meaningful.
(d) Everything is an indication of where he should be and who he should be.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does a Warrior not talk about his defeats?

2. What do people wear to disguise a heart of fire?

3. A Warrior's actions are what?

4. Why is a Warrior of the light in this world?

5. Something is wrong when a Warrior of the Light watches a sunset and ________.

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