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Paulo Coelho
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Pages 96-115.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is a Warrior of the Light when he meditates?
(a) A crystal of clarity.
(b) A flame of truth.
(c) A spark from the Soul of the World.
(d) The image of desirability.

2. Why does a Warrior not talk about his defeats?
(a) He is often afraid of being known as weak.
(b) He is not a goat and therefore doesn't bleat.
(c) He cannot waste energy on words that can do nothing.
(d) He doesn't want to appear a coward, instead being a pinnacle of heroism.

3. For a Warrior to have faith in his path, _______.
(a) Neither of these.
(b) Both of these.
(c) He doesn't have to prove that other people's paths are wrong.
(d) He has to prove that other people are wrong.

4. What is the best gift a victory can bring?
(a) Hope.
(b) Faith.
(c) Renewed vigor.
(d) Confidence.

5. Why does the Warrior look into the dark places in his soul?
(a) To make sure he is not asking for the wrong things.
(b) To make sure his intentions are pure.
(c) To make sure he is still on God's path.
(d) To make sure that he can succeed in his endeavors.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is a Warrior unconcerned about envy?

2. What things are a part of a Warrior's nature?

3. Why is a Warrior proud of people saying he talks nonsense?

4. A Warrior uses a mixture of what?

5. Why doesn't the Warrior ever listen to what the devil has to say?

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