Daily Lessons for Teaching Manual of the Warrior of Light

Paulo Coelho
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Lesson 1 (from Pages 1-16)


"A Warrior of the Light knows that certain moments repeat themselves." pg 10

The objective of this lesson is to examine situations in life that have repeated themselves.


1) Initiate a class discussion on situations that commonly occur for the students.

2) Break the class into groups of two or three and have them discuss lessons they learned from situations that used to repeat themselves in their lives. What was the lesson learned?

3) Have each student answer in a paragraph or less what the difference is in life-lessons and school lessons? How is it impossible to circumvent a life lesson, and possible to circumvent a school lesson?

4) In essay form, explain the purpose of a life lesson using either a theological or philosophical approach. What is the purpose of a life lesson? Why are they necessary for personal growth? How?

5) For homework, discuss meaningful life lessons you've learned...

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