Manual of the Warrior of Light Character Descriptions

Paulo Coelho
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The Warrior of Light

This is the champion of the victims of injustice and the doer of good.

The Boy

This is the character mentioned in the prologue.

Mysterious Woman

A beauty who speaks to the first character mentioned.

Wise Chinese Man

This character said that it is not important who wins the battles, but who wins the war.


These and others of this kind have heard the bells.


Someone unfamiliar with a Warrior is one of these.

John Bunyan

This character never regretted anything he has been through.

T.H. Huxley

This character compares the world to a chessboard.

The Enemy

This is what the Warrior is constantly battling, on the field and in his heart.

Lao Tzu

This person tells the Warrior to pay attention to detail.


The being that controls the Warrior and guides him on his path.


The being that...

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