Manual of the Warrior of Light Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Paulo Coelho
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• A Warrior needs to have a touch of madness because it is not easy going into battle.

• During a battle, a Warrior must forget all that he has but his sword, as enemies surround him and confront him.

• If a Warriors head is not in the game not only his life is in jeopardy, but those of his friends and family on the battlefield, and those who await his safe return.

• Warriors embrace their passions because they know that they could be short lived, and therefore they have to enjoy every moment of their lives in order to stay focused.
• Although a warrior may not use trickery against his opponent, it becomes clear that a warrior may trick as long as it is simple distraction such as feigning weakness.
• Warriors don't care about what others think of them, as a Warrior is the only one that...

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