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Short Answer Questions

1. Ann is compared to which animal?

2. Who causes the secret to be kept?

3. What about Tanner comes into question?

4. Which group is least admired?

5. What is Ramsden's first name?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are the main responsibilities of a man and woman?

2. What is Tanner's general description of a revolutionist?

3. Why does Malone object to Hector and Violet's plans?

4. What example of a reward does Tanner use to make his point?

5. What is Don Juan's opinion on intellect and like topics?

6. What is the context of the scene between Violet and Malone Sr.?

7. Explain at least one of Shaw's main points in the handbook.

8. Describe Roebuck Ramsden.

9. What is the news delivered by Tavy?

10. What question from Walkley prompted Shaw to write the play?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Violet is incensed when she learns that Hector Malone Sr. may cut Hector off without any allowance or inheritance. Violet feels that the working class is beneath her. Do you think Mr. Malone's money is one of the reasons Violet chose Hector? Describe your views on the concept of sugar daddies.

Essay Topic 2

When Ana meets her father in hell the girl is upset because her father does not remember her. Don Juan stated that familial relationships are not sustained in the afterlife. Write a short story about meeting a family member in the afterlife when one person does not remember the other.

Essay Topic 3

Describe the relationship between Violet and Tavy. Are they close? Is there anything unusual about their collective childhood? How might the pregnancy affect the relationship? How did Whitefield's death change things for the brother and sister?

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