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Short Answer Questions

1. What causes Tanner to run away?

2. What word does Tavy use to describe Ann?

3. Which writer does Shaw refer to as being "a force?"

4. What is supposedly the cause behind the incident with Rhoda?

5. According to Tanner, marrying Ann would bring:

Short Essay Questions

1. What are Don Juan's views on moral hypocrisy? Who disagrees with these views?

2. What is the chauffeur doing in the first part of Act 2?

3. What warning does Shaw issue to Walkley?

4. What does Mendoza say that makes Henry so angry?

5. What is the main issue between Robinson and Ann?

6. Why does Shaw refer to man as being stubborn? How does it affect a man's life?

7. What is Mrs. Whitefield's opinion of Tavy? What does she want for him?

8. Why does Ramsden have a negative opinion of Tanner?

9. What is Shaw's opinion regarding famed writers Byron, Wordsworth and Shelley?

10. What is Don Juan's response to the devil's failed insults?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Describe the relationship between Violet and Tavy. Are they close? Is there anything unusual about their collective childhood? How might the pregnancy affect the relationship? How did Whitefield's death change things for the brother and sister?

Essay Topic 2

When Don Juan finds himself in hell he cannot understand why he has been sent there. Examine Don Juan's reasons for objecting to being in hell. Is there any difference between self-defense and murder? If so, what other options might have been presented to Don Juan?

Essay Topic 3

Examine the relationship between Ann, Rhoda and Mrs. Whitefield before and after Mr. Whitefield's death. How did the relationships change? Who took over as the head of the family? Was it a wise choice? Where do you think the family will be in one year? In five years?

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