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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Tanner, marrying Ann would bring:
(a) Heartache.
(b) A lifetime of misery.
(c) Great riches.
(d) Unsurpassed joy.

2. Ann claims she can think of nothing but what?
(a) Tanner.
(b) Her lost dog.
(c) Her wedding day.
(d) Her father's death.

3. The letter asked a question about what famous character?
(a) Hunchback of Notre Dame.
(b) Scarlet Pimpernel.
(c) Don Quixote.
(d) Don Juan.

4. Who is Rhoda?
(a) Ann's sister.
(b) Parlor maid.
(c) Tavy's mother.
(d) Tanner's sister.

5. Shaw points out that relationships are often affected by:
(a) Money.
(b) Temperment.
(c) Geography.
(d) Character.

6. Who spouts contradictory opinions on the proposed marriage?
(a) Ann.
(b) Tanner.
(c) Don Juan.
(d) Tavy.

7. Shaw does not believe one of the following is a great writer:
(a) Keats.
(b) Byron.
(c) Joyce.
(d) Shakespeare.

8. Which of the following is not employed by women who want to get their own way?
(a) Social contacts.
(b) Legal means.
(c) Political arms.
(d) Emotion.

9. To whom was the letter addressed?
(a) Brian White.
(b) Arthur Conan Doyle.
(c) Arthur Bingham Walkley.
(d) Conan O'Brien.

10. What is the solution to the pregnancy?
(a) Deceit.
(b) Celebration.
(c) Send the girl away.
(d) Abortion.

11. What adjective best describes Tanner's ideas?
(a) Hare-brained.
(b) Sound.
(c) Unorthodox.
(d) Frivolous.

12. Tanner admonishes the group for which of the following?
(a) Tardiness.
(b) Judgment.
(c) Laughter.
(d) Hipocrisy.

13. Who is credited with having written the first Don Juan?
(a) Byron.
(b) Moliere.
(c) Cervantes.
(d) de Molina.

14. Which composer inspired Shaw?
(a) Chopin.
(b) Mozart.
(c) Bach.
(d) Schubert.

15. What was the purpose of the visit?
(a) To settle a gambling debt.
(b) To shoot the host.
(c) To arrange a marriage.
(d) To discuss guardianship.

Short Answer Questions

1. Byron is better than which of the following?

2. Who is in love with Ann?

3. Which of the following does the would-be suitor lack?

4. The author presents Tanner as being tainted by which of the following?

5. Shaw believes that society is following the path of which two places?

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