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Objective: The Dedication gives some background information on Shaw. Examine Shaw's life and career to get a better understanding of the man and his work.

1. Research and discuss the professional life of George Bernard Shaw. Where was he born? When? What was his family life like? How did it affect his work? What was Shaw's first successful piece? Which work was the most successful in terms of critical acclaim? Which work was the most successful in a financial sense? How did Shaw's work progress over the years? What was Shaw's last work?

2. Write a 500 word essay on Shaw's fascination with Marxism.

3. One of Shaw's most famous plays was PYGMALION. Read the play to get a sense of Shaw's other work. Discuss in class.

4. Homework: Write a short story in the style of Shaw. It can be on any topic but at least 500 words long.


Objective: Shaw...

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